The Most Amazing Experiences When You Fly With Etihad Airways
When you travel to the Middle East, there is a lot to captivate you. From food to hospitality, there are a number of reasons why it has stood out to be a prime business hub and a superb travel destination. If that isn't enough to bring you to the country, the airlines would for sure. The Gulf carriers are famous for their extensive routes and impeccable services. Among these airlines is the famous Etihad Airways. Being an award winning airline for multiple times, Etihad has upped the mark of perfection. Both the on ground and inflight services offered by the airline are wonderful in every manner.

Here are the top reasons why you must fly with Etihad Airways soon.

How You Can Merrily Survive A Red-Eye Flight
If you are a business traveler, you would know how miserable a red-eye flight can be. They contribute to travel anxiety and can cause a severe jet lag for prolonged timings. Despite this, there are a number of reasons we choose them. Firstly, they turn out to be comparatively cheaper. For business travelers, it works out better because they can still make the most of daytime once they arrive at their destination.

But do the red-eye flights actually have to be this miserable? Here are some of the ways you can fight the misery and have a peaceful red-eye flight for once in your life.

Some Ways Why Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Stands Out
Among the leading U.S. airlines, Alaska Airlines is known for its excelling services to a range of destinations. One of the reasons why it stands out from the rest is that it has still managed to become a strong competitor for all the other leading airlines around the world. Alaska Airlines is not part of any of the major alliances; oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance. Despite this, its strong partnerships with different airlines are something worth a mention. This makes Alaska Airlines stand out from all the rest and that is only one of the many reasons.

Are you confused about collecting Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles? Here are the top reasons why it is one of the most comprehensive frequent flyer programs.

How the GoAir Web Check-In Feature Makes Travelling Hassle Free
A foray of Wadia Group, GoAir is one of the most popular low-cost carriers (LCC) in India. It commenced operations in the year 2005 with its primary hub at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, located in Mumbai. Its fleet of 19 Airbus A320s caters to 22 Indian cities. Among the destinations, covered by its flights, Port Blair, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Goa and Leh are included. The number of daily flights, operated by the airline, is 144. Its prestigious accolades include recognition as the Best Performing Airline by Airbus in the year 2011. In the year 2008, Pacific Area Travel Writers Association named it the Best Domestic Airline for Excellence in Quality and Efficient Service.

Its dedicated customer service and array of offers has earned it an around 8-per cent share in the Indian aviation market. In order to make travelling with the airline a pleasant experience and keep up with the technologically advancing times, the feature of GoAir web check-in was introduced. To know how to avail the facility, and its advantages, read below.

Transportation Choices to and From the Airport - Which Is Best?
Those who are traveling have many choices of how to get from the airport to their destination, or home to the airport. There is airport limo service, buses, trains, shared-ride vans, taxis and driving oneself then utilizing long or short-term parking. The decision is never easy, but to help decide here are some tips and info on each method.


As far as convenience, there's not better than getting to the airport, picking up baggage and then walking outside for a taxi that's ready and waiting. However, depending on where one is headed the fair may be astronomical. If unsure of typical fares, it's smart to ask ahead of time what the fare would be approximately. It's easy to become frustrated when hopping in a cab only to be dropped off and told that twice as much is owed as planned for. That will really cut into a traveler's budget!

How Cargo Flights Work
The working of cargo flights is not known to the general public, unlike passenger flights, which are familiar to everyone. That is because most people must have travelled in a passenger flight once in their lifetime or would have at least visited an air terminal. Those who have not travelled in a passenger flight will be still familiar with it, thanks to movies and television channels.

Compared to domestic flights cargo flights are a bit different. They are often stationed away from passenger terminals so the general public is oblivious of its day-to-day operations.

Pilots who fly domestic flights can also fly cargo flights. The difference is that the reward offered by the big cargo airlines is competitive and sometimes even higher than that of these flights. This is because cargo companies enjoy high revenue margins, even in tough economic times. That is why many pilots consider the job of flying cargo flights an attractive career choice.

Travel Smarter With Our Airport Parking Tips
If you are travelling often to the airport you are not alone. During those busy times, you already have enough on your mind - dealing with road traffic, trying to be on time, packing your bags. You don't need to add on to frustrations that can come during the holiday travel season. Fortunately, using some airport parking tips you can have a stress free and pleasant experience.

1. Reserve Your Parking Spot in Advance

During the busiest travel days, traffic to the airport can become overfilled. As the holiday season approaches - everyone wants to visit their friends and families so it is important to book a parking place in advance. Knowing the rules if you decide to use airport parking you can book your parking spot online and that will reduce the time spent at the checkpoint. People are stuck in the airport parking trying to find an appropriate space for their car, which becomes a huge problem. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you need to arrange a parking place in advance by simply entering your check in and out time.

The History, The Today, The Tomorrow Of Northwest Airlines
Every airline has a history, some are to more extent than others, but to be where they are today, they have a history that got them there. And Northwest Airlines is no exception. They are also one of the oldest airlines as well as one of the world's leading airlines, something that other airlines can't claim.

The years that have gone into building this company have a lot to do with who they are today. The journey of this company began in the early 1920s by Colonel Lewis Brittin, in the Northwest Territory of Michigan, hence the name. Northwest Airlines was originally started as a way to deliver mail from Chicago to the Twin Cities and back using bi-planes that had open cockpits.

How to Get Best International Flight Deals
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Often that single step is the booking of flight tickets. It is more so if you are traveling to an international destination. But getting the best international flight deals can be a nerve-racking experience in itself. With skyrocketing airfares, you may find that booking an international flight is a budget-busting affair. While you can't avoid traveling, you can actually avoid spending an exorbitant amount on your flight tickets. If you are willing to invest a little time and energy, you may save a lot on your next international flight deal.

We reveal to you how you can get the best international flight deals:

Compare nonstop and multi-stop flight fares

Most people want to reach their destination as quickly as possible. A nonstop flight precisely serves this purpose. It enables you to fly to your destination without any break. But usually nonstop flights happen to be the most expensive ones. Compared to them, multi-stop flights significantly increase your travel time but are pocket-friendly.

How To Travel Safely During Pregnancy
A pregnant woman may need or want to travel by plane, but, travelling while pregnant may involve its own set of challenges and guidelines. So it is important to know the ins and outs of airline travel to help protect the safety and comfort of women and her unborn baby. Women during pregnancy are at increased risk of becoming infected or developing severe complications from certain infections, which can also affect the fetus. But, with preparation, you can travel safely during pregnancy.

Before you travel:

Consult an OB/GYN:

There are no. of complications with the pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension or ruptured placenta and there are certain conditions during pregnancy that may aggravate by plane travel. Women, who have previously experienced a premature delivery, miscarriage, fetal loss or any of a number of other health issues, must consult an OB/GYN before planning a trip. Pregnant women should discuss the destination, length of the trip, planned activities and available medical care in another country with their health care provider.

The Airport Parking Services You Should Look For
When it comes to parking your car at the airport, a lot of people are so focused on booking early and getting the cheapest price that they do not bother to look at services and amenities. This has the potential for disaster, as some companies simply do not provide good service or any services at all. You want to book with a reliable, reputable provider who has the safety of you and your vehicle in mind at all times. This is especially true if you are leaving the country and require long term parking.

The first, and arguably most important service is that they should have a shuttle. Most long term parking areas are not right on the airport property. Instead, they are privately owned lots that may be across the street or down the road from the terminals. In these cases, you should be able to park and then catch a bus or shuttle to the terminal of your choice.

Expert Tips To Fly Around The World Easily
Each one of us wishes we could fly around the world and explore its timeless beauty. It's one of the best feelings to be trotting the globe and experiencing it with all your senses. Traveling surely brings out the best in you and helps you to learn so much along the way. It helps you to discover new dimensions in your personality and make lifelong friends. The benefits of traveling are never ending.

If you wish to fly around the world, here are some expert tips we have gathered from frequent flyers all around the globe.